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About Nona:

Rev Nona Morrow is a Minister and a member of The Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.  Nona has been a Life Coach for over 25 years.  She was mentored by Marianne Williamson and certified as a “Miracle Minded Coach”.   She’s the author of “The Field”, and creator of “The Shift” and her work is focused on helping others find a deep sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and freedom.  To master an inner shift from fear to love.   She’s passionate about world peace and helping to guide others to have their own awakening. 

Nona is the mother of two grown boys, she lives with her best friend Scott, and their new golden retriever puppy Gracie. They’ve been married 26 years and live in a small mountain town in Collingwood, Canada where they love to hike, ski, and be on the water. 

Dear reader,

I’m here to be truly helpful to those seeking a higher Truth.

To be a guide on the side and support a shift in our collective consciousness from fear to love.

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The journey of the Soul, life after death, our understanding of the “big guy upstairs”, and the personal and collective transformation of our world.  

I’m committed to helping others find a deep sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and freedom.

I recently read Maya Angelou’s Forward in an Eric Butterfield book where she said: “Be very careful not to leave this world without doing something wonderful for Humanity”.  I felt her words.

I don’t have all of the answers, but that’s what becoming a Minister means to me, living in service to our greater good.

My spiritual life has driven me back to the core of my being.

Looking back and see how the brilliant gospels and ancient ecumenical teachings are pointing to something so brilliant that even so many of us that go to church our entire lives have not fully grasped it experientially.

I’ve come to feel a deep connection with all of life. I feel guided. It’s almost indescribable. I have the most incredibly deep sense of inner peace despite what is going on in my life.

Once we can see what’s possible for us in our own way and time, we can create what Charles Eisenstein calls “the more beautiful world we all know is possible”. Thomas Berry also wrote something I loved along the lines of that if we imagined this world into being, we can certainly imagine a better one.

I think one of the most beautiful things about our Human species is that we’re capacious. We all have this innate higher intelligence and GIANT capacity to transcend our egos and hold different ideas, even conflicting ones all at once. 

Peace on earth is not only possible, it’s present.

In my experience, it’s our highest human purpose.

So we can serve and actualize our highest Human potential here together.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Field of possibility next week!

Peace and love.

Warm regards,

Rev Nona

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This field is inclusive and welcomes all religions and no religions.

This is about our shared Human experience.

I’ve always loved these Celtic words side by side.. “Anam Cara”. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend.

That’s what we’ll be…

Soul friends.

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"Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there." ~Rumi